4 tips against hair loss.

A lot of my friends , know that i always love playing with my hair styles , not by cutting them but by coloring them which I think is even worse . I’ve been having blonde hair then black hair , then blonde again. So I guess my long hair survived a lot.
Anyways ,
taking care of your hair is a very big deal and by using wrong products you could damage it even more. So I’ll be sharing with you quick 4 tips on how to fight hair dryness and hair loss.
TIP 1.

Main thing I love to use is different oils ! Do not think that getting the most expensive oil will mean that it is the best one , I mostly use Indian oil called AMLA , you can find it in any Careffour store or also recently I’ve started using great oil by SUNSILK.
How to use it – Before washing your hair , put an oil all over your scalp and hair , gently massage your head and wrap it with a scarf and keep it for 40-45 minutes , I usually keep it for an hour for a better result.

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TIP 2.
I have recently had passion on making different masks at home for face and for hair as well. The best one that you can make at home is garlic ,onion or ginger juices, rub it into your scalp ,cover it and leave it till next morning . Preferably doing these masks at night , so you can keep it for a longer time.
TIP 3.
Yes we do live in a hot country and yes Sun does ruins our hair , but there’s always a solution. Grab a good product for hair protection , I use Boots hair protection , it’s amazing!! And keep it always with you in a bag , it is usually a very small tiny bottle so it won’t take that much of a space.
TIP 4.
Believe it or not , but meditation and yoga helps too. How?? Most of us are having a pretty hectic schedule , and women easily fall into depression. Depression causes hair loss , so being relaxed and controlling yourself will help you to overcome depression and overcoming depression , means overcome hair loss.
I hope you enjoyed the post, stay tuned for more.


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