Continious adventure with Himalaya Face products.

So in my first post I have posted about my challenge of 5 days with Himalaya products.
Yesterday and today day/night I have used Himalaya Face Wash & Face Mask.
Honestly I totally loved it ! My face is very problematic and choosing the right face products has been always a problem for me , I try to get my face care products mostly from pharmacies.
I have applied the mask for an hour , it doesn’t smell pleasant but just because it is totally made of Earth ingredients . Keep it for maximum 20-25 minutes , if you leave it more your face might turn red just what happened to me yesterday. But the result was perfect , for a second I felt like a baby , my face was perfectly clean.
Today I have used Face wash , and it is very good if you wanna wash out your make-up rather than dragging your eyes and skin with make-up removers which I think a total waste of time unless you want to remove gently strong eye shadows something like smoky eyes.

There are still some products left that I’ll be telling you about a bit later.


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