My favorite Fragrances !

Hello beautiful !
So since I’m a perfume addict , I decided to show you some of my favorite fragrances that I think you should try!

1. Elie Saab le Perfum
I love this perfume since the first day I got it , it’s so elegant and girly. It’s quiet long lasting and smells perfect like an hour after you put it on.
2. Arabian Wood by Tom Ford.
This one is a part of an  exclusive line of perfumes by Tom Ford, most of them have Oud , and Arabian Wood is one of my favorites.Its a strong perfume , so don’t over do it if you try it. Small minus it is quiet over priced.

3. D&G #3 L’imperatriece
I have been using this perfume for a long time , and I adore it because it has an amazing smell , it’s big bottles so usually it stays for long. The packaging is a bit boring , but will you care when it has such a great smell?
4. Sheikh
I don’t know exactly if this perfume is available outside arab countries , but if it is you should definitely try it to know how typical Arabic perfume smells , + Great news it is unisex , it’s for women and men. It’s a bit strong , so just spray spray and it would be more than enough ! Plus I love the packaging !!!
I hope you enjoyed the post ,
stay tuned for my first Youtube video very very soon <3


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