Contour & Highlight in easiest way.

Hello darlings,
I wanna show you easiest way to do highlighting and contouring your face. Keep in mind that this is not for everyday, I personally contour and highlight my face if I go for a night out or any special occasion like bdays or weddings. Because you end up having so much make-up on your face, please do not forget that you also have to highly hydrate your face with moisturizers and day/night creams.
Today I’m just gonna post the look, I did on my friend Yevy that also will be a Fitness instructor on our Youtube channel.
Tomorrow I’m going to post all products I used and also my favorite moisturizers and creams.  

It’s pretty easy if you use the right brushes and products. Stay tuned for tomorrow, I’m going to post all brushes and products. + additionally the moisturizers to hydrate your skin in a best way.

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