Eyelashes extension. Worth the try & time ?

Hello beautiful!
2 years ago I have started craving to get extensions for my eyelashes, however my mother told me not to! She has tried and apparently her own eyelashes started falling so much 🙁
I still did it , haha! And personally I loved it , I’ve got all the right information from my master , and honestly afterwards nothing happened to my own eyelashes.
At the moment I also have extensions , I believe it is extremely comfortable and when you are too lazy to put make up on , you have great eyelashes!

Small minuses are, you have to be careful whenever you wash your face , mostly masters advice you to clean your makeup with wipes , but for me with all my problematic skin I have to wash my face.  You can make corrections every 2 weeks or even more, depends on how you treat them, and it takes extremely long to make an extension around 3-4 hours.
Also don’t forget that a lot depends on the saloon , ask as many questions as you want ! I always go to one saloon , because I do there everything starting with my nails , hair and so on.
Both ways , I suggest you to try it! It looks extremely gorgeous , just don’t over do it and don’t run for bigger the better <3
Here’s my pic a year ago , having an extension , and also as I mentioned I have it right now <3

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