Make Up Do's & Dont's

It’s a very painful conversation , but we have to face that a lot of ladies are doing some wrong things that can easily destroy your skin and makes you look older than you are.
I decided to share with you easy things that are WRONG and RIGHT.
Let’s get started
1. Do change your make-up brushes!
Yes , you do need to do that , unless you want to get your skin full of pores and dirty! Also , you have to remember that you have to wash your brushes at least if you are too lazy to buy new ones.

2. Don’t apply your foundation with hands.
We have make-up brushes for that , if you are trying to save yourself some time then bad for you ! Because using hands won’t put your foundation straight in all parts of your face, UNLESS foundation label mentions that you can apply it with hands.

3. Do find right foundation color for yourself.
I know , I know . Most of you wanna look tanned and all bronzy& peachy. But at the end you look so WRONG. Do have a consultation in any beauty store about which color fits you , as well don’t forget to know your skin type

4. Don’t tweeze your eyebrows till they are gone!Yes, most of you do not know how to do your eyebrows , and believe me it is totally fine. Find a right shape of your eyebrows , you can get consultation with a right person in a beauty saloon , and then at home you can just clean up around your form!

5. Do moisturize your face.
If you won’t take care of your face, your face won’t take care of you. And then things can get ugly! Moisturize your face daily , it won’t take that much time of your busy schedule 😀

6. Do take time with your eyeliner.
Most of the girls end up having eyeliner everywhere except the eyelid. Take a close up mirror and take time on doing the good shape , a small tip is that first you can use eye pencil and then go over with eyeliner .


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