Secrets for Gorgeous Hair!

Hello gorgeous , in the first post of 2014 I wanna share with you easy tips to get perfect hair , I love changing my hair color even though I never cut my hair ! So looking out for my hair is so important to me <3
Spray your pins!
Easiest thing to do , just get a hair spray or a dry shampoo and spray it over your pins , will help out to get bacterias out and your hair style falling out.

Massage your scalp!
Whenever you wash your hair , massage your scalp intensely ,it stimulates your hair growth and enhance the strength of your roots. Try it out
Dry a bit & Brush!
I have been doing this mistake for so long . Dry your hair lil bit first and then brush your hair in this way your hair will break less .

Lazy Day Spray Spray!
We have these days when we just want to lay on the sofa and watch our favorite series , on these kinda days I advice you to spray your hair with different good products , like this in below ( MY FAVORITE ) Use it on the roots only!
Brush before Wash!
Maybe another important part you did not know , but before going into warm shower , brush your hair first ! Will help out in case on having less clogs.

Dry out before you style!
Make sure your hair is totally dry before you wanna do anything else with it , curly it or straighten it up , gives a better perfect and less damage.


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