My Out of The Shower Hair Routine.

Hi everyone , so I know I’ve been super low on posting , but it is just because I’m super busy with Dubai Shopping Festival project ( as I’m part of their fashion team experts) , and as well keeping up with my fashion label ‘El-J’ , anyways today i wanna show you my Hair routine that I do everytime when I get out of the shower.
Step 1.

Elvive Reinforcing spray :
I fell in love with this product , and I have mentioned it before , but I use it right after the shower only on my scalp to grow a better hair and stronger . Seriously , it works !!!

Step 2.
Umberto Giavanni , Frizzi Cream .
Something that I actually started using recently , but fell in love with it , it has a great texture and smell , and it is perfect to apply when you are about to do blow dry , use it on all parts of your hair except roots.

Step 3.
Amla Snake oil.
I love hair oils , actually I love all type of oil hair , body , perfume !!! haha . But this oil is amazing , I apply it only at the endings just so it does not look dry , smell isn’t very pleasing but the effect is !!

So here it is before & after , of course after all products I have used my iron , but these products really save my hair from more damage than I’ve already done!

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