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Hey guys.
Recently I’ve been on a super fashion show that was Vertical right ON Burj Khalifa , it was amazing , both ways I’ve received there in a goodie bag some make-up by IsaDora , to be honest I never really payed much attention to it , but however I tried it and i was SHOCKED.
I tried two things and decided to share it with you since it is very affordable and available in all stores of Paris Gallery around Middle East.
So first is this gorgeous Cream Mousse eye shadow .
It’s perfect if you go for fast smoke eyes , super glowy and easy to take off , definitely one to give a try.
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Secondly , since I’m a huge allergic person , I’m always careful with make-up products I use . So I saw that this mascara is for allergic people , and I tried it!! It was perfect , it is not dry and brush is perfect . My eye did not itch at all , which is surprising cuz after most of mascaras are red and super itchy. So I think people like me should try it.
Hypo- Allergenic Mascara.

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