Small Secrets on how I use Johnson's baby products.

Time for a small confession !
Yes I use baby products . And you know why ? Because they have got a great texture for sensitive skin ! I actually can’t live without Johnson’s baby oil & powder anymore. I’m going to share with you secret on how do I use it.
Johnson’s Baby Oil.
I usually use Johnson’s baby Oil on my legs after wax or shave . Because it works like any other body lotion , it smooths the skin and usually your legs turn red after wax right? Well not with me ! I spray it right after and voila my legs are turn all quiet on me ! And also you can use it on your face after a heavy make-up and all that intensive cleaning face washes &scrubs . It removes mascara or eye shadow greatly !
Johnson’s Baby Powder

For powder, I use it on specific areas right after I get from the shower. I use it on the spots that most women complain about , the darkest areas which are knees and elbow . I put a small amount on my hands , and then just smoothly massage the powder into the spots. After using it for a while , you will definitely notice the difference.
Good luck stealing products from your children , or if you don’t have any , you will turn into one ! <3

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