Tricks about whitening your nails , that you didn't know about !!

So definitely this post should be useful ! All of us are so addicted to different nail styles, extensions , gelish , acrylic , but what you don’t know or know and don’t want to pay attention to , that it does ruin our nails so much and makes them yellow and damaged.
It does really work ! Apply your toothpaste on your nails , normally you better apply it with a toothbrush , do it several times in a week and you will notice the difference !
2. Nail Whitening Pencil.
Yes , there is a thing like that . You can find it in pharmacies like Boots or any big Pharmacy . Apply it under the tips of the nail , and it will make it look healthier .Looks like a french manicure , but more natural & HEALTHIER .
3.Lemon Juice & Baking Soda.
Mix up a half of a lemon with a one tea spoon of baking soda , blend it well in a glass . And then you can use it both ways, either get an old toothbrush and rub your nails with it , or just put your fingers one by one into the glass for about 2-3 minutes. Difference will show instantly !!
4. Base coat.
It is very important !Prevent stained nails from a first place , if you are too lazy to do all the above mentioned . Just apply your base before you do anything else with your beautiful nails !
Stay healthy & Beautiful ! <3
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