That would probably be my favorite post about make-up tips ! I have an addiction for perfect brows , and I get questioned a lot about my shape and how do i do it.
So I finally decided to put it all together , and tell you guys how do I do my eyebrows.
Here you go :
I do my brows after I put foundation and before powder .  I use Too Faced brow palette or smashbox , but at the moment I use too faced more because it is a whole set with a highlighter , so it is much easier.

I start off with a highlighter , and do it right under my eye , it really pops out the whole look and the brows of course .

Once I’m done with highlighting under my eye brows , I get right to the point . Starting off with the beginning of the eyebrow , I create a squared shape Then I carefully create a little curved line and right to the end.
Here’s a little sneak how it looks on a half way !

After that I repeat the same process on the other eyebrow.
An Important Notice about doing eyebrows in this way , please be careful with choosing a right brush for it ! This type of brush is the easiest , it helps a lot to create a right shape. You can find in SEPHORA.

So Here’s the result ! Hope you liked my short tutorial ! <3 keep reading for more .


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