Celebrities Worst Make-up Nahs!

Not all celebrities are perfect , and not all make-up artists as well.
Big Big OH NO! was happening on red carpets , so let me show you some of the worst make-up that could have happened to celebs !
Let’s begin!
Gossip Girl’s superstar Taylor Momsen didn’t want to pay her make-up artist much or was extremely mean ! SO he showed his anger on her face , LITERALLY!
Another Gossip Girl’s star Leighton has scared me enough. Is it Halloween Already??  And right next to her Tyra Banks , honestly if I would have make-up like that i wouldn’t even bother talking.
I guess Eva Langoria forgot to use her blending brush. Too bad.

Strong voice , but worst make-up artists . Dear Christina Aguilera is on top of my list today!!!

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