The best 3 Foundations for Problematic Skin!

My friend has recently asked me which foundations are the best for acne skin , and I realized that I haven’t actually shared with you which foundations are actually good for oily and acne skin!
Living in the Middle East requires a lot of skin care especially when it comes to your face , personally I’ve been having problems with my face since I was in school , I’m allergic to so many things that I keep eating and that’s why my stomach revenges right on my face !!I went through a lot of foundations , and these r the ones that will help you to hide your acne without making your face look like a light in the dark road ! <3
Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Foundation SPF 25
To be honest I don’t really use Bobbi Brown make up that  much , but this foundation has caught my attention . It’s available mostly in all skin colors , and I love it because it moisturizes your skin while you actually wear make up , perfect coverage and texture ! Hands down Bobbi Brown ! Definitely a product to try.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid
I have used Clinique foundation for a really long time , it has a great coverage for people that has acne and pimples the only thing it is good for people that have dry skin , I have stopped using it because I have oily skin and it makes it oily even more . A try for people that have dry tired skin !

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation
I honestly think Bare Minerals was one of the most genius make up created , especially for people that have problematic skin ! Its totally created with minerals and organic things.
I discovered it few years ago , and I fell in love . The reason why I love it is because by applying just a bit it gives a great coverage , it makes your skin look fresh and healthy!
One of my favorites <3

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