Hollywood diets that actually work?!

Celebrities use craziest diets for their upcoming tours or movies and so on . I have made my personal research as from next week I’d be sitting on a diet and at the end of the post I’ll share with you which one will I be using !
When Beyonce was casted for “DreamGirls” movie , she has used a juice diet , especially lemon juice . The diet requires to have 5-6 juices per day ! Of course fresh ones , and not from the box 🙂
Gwyneth Paltrow goes crazier , and usually goes for 21 day detox diet , that allows having only one meal per day! A bit crazy , but looking at her body at this age , seems like its working !
Jennifer Aniston does something , that none of us would think will help our body! Star of “Friends” , has a diet of 2 weeks , where she eats only baby food ! Makes sense , since all ingredients are pretty organic and no color is added.
Lady GAGA uses a soup diet especially when she is on tours ! Diet requires having 2-3 soups per day !
So many ridicolous  diets are out there ! But keep in mind that most importantly , is your health ! Any diet needs to still give you what your body needs , which are vitamins and different important ingredients ! Second thing that you should keep in mind , being on a diet doesn’t mean you will get muscles and ton your body , that would happen if you EXERCISE !
At the end , as promised I’m sharing with you which diet will I be on from next week is the SOUP diet, once I’m done I’ll be sharing with you all the negative and positive things about this diet <3

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