The RIGHT way to TAN !

Hello beauties , summer is here! And what else to do in this season than getting a gorgeous bronze tan on? 
But there are always specific precautions that ladies must take , especially in Dubai with the sun that is an exact synonym to microwave !


First I’ll tell you about how to get a perfect straight tan on from the front and back without going to tanning centre. Turn every 20 minutes ! Yes , lay on your back and then turn to your stomach , do that every 20-25 minutes , and I promise you , at the end you won’t look like a Zebra !

Perfect timing to tan is from 9 a.m to 12 p.m , yes unfortunately ! So get on your early bird mood on , if you wanna have a safe tanning session , after 12 p.m sun is extremely dangerous , and your chances to get burnt is much higher!!

You tan faster in the water , yes you do ! So you can have a double pleasure by swimming and getting your tan on, rather than sitting and being bored on one place!

Moisturize your skin after the tan , this is one of the biggest MUSTS if you wanna have a soft and smooth skin and perfect tan ! Your skin gets extremely tired after the sun light , so by moisturizing it you are giving it a break ! ( I personally use Sephora After sun Moisturizer and its AMAAAZING ) 



DON’T SUNBATH YOUR FACE ! This might be one of the most important rules , because your face is 10 times softer than your body skin , so you might make your skin get older in case you are gonna sun bath it , don’t worry about having problems of contrast with your face and body , that is why god created FOUNDATION and SHIMMER !


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