Product of the week! GlamGlow Mask : Revolution of Face Mask!!!

So much Boom has been going on around Hollywood , California masks!! Celebrities from Miley Cirus to Nazanin Mandi has been spotted using these masks.
I decided to try it out and tell you all about it ! 

I’ve got myself a white box due to I have oily T-zones so it was suggested that I try this . Black box thou is for people that have dry skin , and want to moisturize it deeply.

Let’s start from packaging : It’s extremely fancy and that’s what attracts even more. 

These masks are made of mostly natural & organic things . The texture isn’t that pleasing , but it doesn’t hurt at all once you put it on the face . It doesn’t burn like organic masks or itch. 

I’ve put it for around 20 minutes , and washed it out carefully with warm water! Honestly , the effect was AMAZING!  I’ve never felt that my face is so soft and moisturized.  I suggest using it at least once a week , if you put make up everyday especially if it’s too heavy.

You can purchase it in Bloomingdale’s , price is 350 dhr/ 100 $. 

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