Reasons why YOU should NOT sleep in your make-up!

Friday night can be tough , but washing tons of your make up that you have been working on so hard 5 hours before is important!
And here are some reasons why :
1. If you sleep with your mascara or eyeliner on , it can get inside of your eyes and cause an irritation and make your eyes red and itchy.

2.  If you have oily skin , the oil mixed up with foundation can cause blocking your pores ,which will welcome you with few blackheads next day! Ta-daaa.

3. Sleeping in your make up, also helps wrinkles to come on your face much faster, that it is supposed to , so automatically it ages you! Does anyone want that?

4. One more about mascara!! Sleeping with leaving your mascara on , weakens your eyelashes instantly and growth of it too! So one day , fake eyelashes won’t help!!!

I guess there are enough reasons for you , to run right now and wash your face properly! Don’t forget about moisturizer <3

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