Kardashian Beauty : Worth the Hype?

Hi beauties!
Recently , I went to a pharmacy regarding my allergies and my eyes caught a stand of Kardashian Beauty products.
I decided to get some stuff and try it out , I got an eyeliner, fake eyelashes and 2 lipliners  and a gloss.
Honestly , I wasn’t impressed with a packaging , I found it a bit boring and too pale.
Out of all the products that I’ve got , I loved the lipliners ‘Khroma’ because they are pretty matte effect ( Kylie Jenner) kind of texture, so it is amazing for everyday use !
Moving on to eyelashes , packaging is extremely poor and no glue comes in a set , so don’t bother getting it if you don’t have glue or twizzers .These are the ones that I got , I liked the texture and you can definitely use them more than once!
Eyeliner was one thing I liked , it’s pretty easy to apply as it comes like a pencil and the texture is not shiny , and gives a smooth effect .
All in all , one thing I liked is that they made it pretty affordable but it could have been a better packaging . You can find in many pharmacies around Dubai , one that where I found it is in Trade Centre , next to Wendy’s.

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