Spring/Summer'15 Make-Up & Hair Trends.

Been away for sometime now , due to I have so many weddings this season , and yesterday attended one in my country.
But I’m back with an exciting post for you , which is trends that I’ve noticed from the latest runway shows.
So , I wanted to prepare you with latest hits of hair styles, nails and make up that is a MUST these upcoming seasons.
Plain Jane is the trend!! All holidays are over so are the bright makeup looks , try to keep it natural with just some neutral eyeshadows and eyelashes. And soft thick brows is the THING!!

Glowy Skin is another trend that I’ve noticed in most of the shows , so while you keep it natural with your lips and eyes , add up some highlighter on your chik bones and forehead , but remember don’t over do it , so you don’t end up looking like a disco ball <3

One of my favorite trends that hit this season for the hair , is BRAIDS! I’m totally in love with it !! You can do it easy and fast starting from fish tail to an easy school braid and you will be right on the path of the trend! The more messy it is , the better !!

Natural Hair is probably the easiest trend you can follow in upcoming season , literally go out of the shower, add up your hair product that you always use and leave your natural look , if your hair is to messy thou , add up some waves in between the hair.

So many nail polish sponsors have been complaining on fashion weeks , because the most demand this season from all designers is natural nail polish . Something light and neutral. SO put your glitter and crystals aside for a bit , and keep your nails calm and light.


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