MUST-HAVE Face Creams !

I’ve been wanting to write about these creams for quite a while , but I wanted to give it a good try to know for sure how it works, to not talk about the packaging only , so here you go !! A must-have for your face routine!!
So here are the 2 creams that I’ve been addicted to for the past 2 weeks ! I personally love Nuxe already cuz it fits my skin type , and I love everything they make !!
I’ve attended the event that was brought to talk about these creams in details , which is their texture and when is the perfect time to use them.
Nuxe - Comptoir 102 - Dubai - Feb 2015 - 101-Eljammi Ghazali & Naoual Doghmi
Not to make it too boring , here’s my VERDICT :
Nuxellence ECLAT – I’ve used mostly in the morning after I wash my face. The texture is perfect , it lays on your skin very smooth and get sucked it into skin quickly which proves that you would feel the result faster and also it could mean that my skin was too dry and tired! Keep in mind , that its for almost all type of skins , so dont worry if you have oily or dry skin.
  Nuxellence DETOX – Cream that I used at night obviously , you can try it instead of your usual night cream that you use , because I usually use Shiseido , but after i tried this , this is my day to day cream that I use now. It mentions in both bottle that it is for ALL AGES and ALL SKIN TYPES. Also keep in mind that you can use a very thin line of layer that you would put on your face , so you wouldn’t feel sticky feeling on your face.
All in all , both of the creams left me very happy , I suggest you use them both together to get a perfect result and a faster one as well. You can find it in pharmacies and drugstores. Let me know below if you tried it and what you think ! <3

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