MOST REQUESTED POST : All about my nails .

I’ve been planning to do this post for a while , as I frequently get asked so many questions about my nails especially on my Instagram : @eljammi .
So , I finally put all information together and decided to share it with you.
My nails are acrylic ,which are extensions but under it I have the same length as my own nails , I put acrylic only because I can’t stand an idea of broken nails or short nails. Plus , gelish on your own nails would have to replaced in a week or so , but when you have acrylic , gelish nail paint doesn’t fade away or gets darker.
I’ve been having my rounded shape since a year and a half or more , I got inspired from Rihanna ( being truly honest about it ) . They are not too long and not short , as I feel short rounded shape doesn’t give you that richness look and too long would look like a cheap nail clippers.
I do correction every 2 weeks or even more , that is another reason why I love acrylic because with my schedule , I don’t get to go to saloon every 2-3 days , so this works perfect for me.
I take off my extensions every 6-8 months , especially when I travel every summer for 2 weeks or maximum a month . It’s good to give your nails a good break and let your own nails get more healthy!
I’ll advise you to try it at least once , BUT make SURE that you don’t just go to a fancy saloon or super good nail artist . YOU need a good NAIL ARTIST THAT SPECIALIZES in extensions !
To all my gorgeous DUBAI followers , here’s the saloon that I go to : Charmelle Saloon – 043277088 and book your appointment with Polina.
Thank you for reading , I hope I gave as much information as you wanted to read and let me know about your experience with nail extensions <3


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