My TOP Hair products for This SUMMER!

Hi darlings,
2 days ago I was snapchatting my favorite hair products starting from Shampoo to oils , and I’ve got a lot questions to do more detailed post about it !

First off , I must start with a new Shampoo line that I’ve started using which is by Kiehl’s : This Shampoo is for damaged and dry hair , and especially in Dubai heat , it is totally suitable because it moisturizes your scalp and routs perfectly !!  Usually if I start using specific Shampoo , I try to get a conditioner and treatment from the same line . So , I also got Kiehl’s treatment for Damaged & Dry Hair , it’s a leave-in treatment which doesn’t require you to wash it out .
The texture of the products is quite rich and creamy , and it totally delivered whatever I was expecting. After 3-4 washes , I felt that my hair gained some shine and it was much more smoother at the roots !

What makes the texture soft and has a fast effect , is that Kiehl’s brand mostly uses very organic products that they add in their products , for example for this whole line there’s an added Moringa Tree oil and it’s Silicon and Paraben free !
I’d definitely suggest for you guys to try it out , especially in this heat , you’ve got nothing to lose !!! Moustiruze your hair as much as possible , and this line is one of the TOP favorites in my list !

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