TOP FACE masks to TRY NOW!!

Summer means extra care for your beautiful face ! So I tried to summarize the best face masks , that I personally tried and want you try too!
1. Peter Thomas Roth – Cucumber Gel Mask
Apart from the packaging that already looks refreshing ! I grabbed this mask from Sephora , and not paying too much attention to it . Once I tried it , I fell in LOVE . The texture is very gelish , but that is the least what you will think of once you try the mask ! The skin feels super refreshed and clean after it , and NO you won’t be smelling like a cucumber so don’t worry !!
2. Body Shop – Tea Tree Face Mask
Don’t you all have that one product , that you have been using for years ? So , this mask is one of these products that I’ve been using since my mum introduced me to it few years ago . The mask is very textured , so be sure not to apply too much . If your skin is super oily and glowy , this is definitely one mask to try !
3. Glam Glow  – Mud mask
Well , I’m sure most of you has tried it already , but I wanted to mention it anyways , because if you haven’t , run to nearest SEPHORA to get it . The mask is a bit pricy for the super small mask and just a huge packaging , but the amount that you have to apply doesn’t need to be too much , so it will last with you for sometime . I personally love applying this mask when I had a week full of ‘too much makeup’ , because it cleans out your pores perfectly and face feels as if you just walked out from pilling .
GLAMGLOW_THIRSTYMUD_Hydrating_Treatment_50g_1402669131 (1)
4. Nuxe – Masque Frais Hydratant 
Nuxe is one of my favorite face line products , so I tempt to try every single product from them , so this face mask is definitely in my TOP List , it’s a cream face mask to relax and smooth en your skin when you are tired and stressed . Another plus , it works perfectly for all type of skin – so you don’t need to doubt yourself before getting it .

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