My Experience : Truth about WAIST TRAINER!

New Trend always makes us go crazy and want to try it so bad . But some of them aren’t that good for our health , but we still do it anywayFew weeks ago , I posted a picture on Instagram , wearing a waist trainer . I decided to try it , since everyone was bla blaing about so much and all celebs advertising it on their Instagram .

So first off , for all desperate girls that want mini-tiny waist , remember celebs advertise it for thousands , not because this magical waist trainer actually helped them.
Second , think logically – where does this fat go? Medically , you also shrink your organs when you wear this thing , but your fats will still be there.

I tried it too , and it worked ! Few inches of my waist actually disappeared , but it will be coming back ! It’s a super uncomfortable and painful process . Plus after I took it off , my whole stomach side was hurting me all night.

I’d say , it’s a cool ‘Instagram’ picture moment , but definitely not something you should try , especially if you have lungs or back problem.  Not all trends are good for us or worth your health . Do it healthy way , hit the gym and work on yourself , easy ways are not usually the good ways!


  1. katarzyna

    Did you get a custom made one? Made-to-measure corsets are sooo different than other ones, they’re very comfortable. A good corset can even reduce your back pain (and it definately helped me), not inches from waist only! 🙂

  2. natashazaki (@glossymakeup)

    Babe your so right! Plus I ordered mine from Pre Madonna and it took 2 months to arrive then they sent the WRONG one! And said they don’t do refunds. It’s so bad! So uncomfy! A spanx is so much more worth it! Your right it’s only good for instagram!

  3. Vivel

    Thank u so much for ur honest feed back …most of the instagram pic already have tiny waist before they use it….god bless u xx

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