Highlighters you must TRY NOW!!

Hi darlings!!
Many times , I get asked about what highlighters I use , as I love to GLOW!!
So today , I wanted to share with you my secret weapons to a glow that lasts for HOURS!
First highlighter that I ever started using , was Bobbi Brown Shimmer in ‘Beige’ and honestly until now it is the best highlighter’s I ever used!! It is super textured and shiny , one touch will be more than enough for a healthy glow !!

Moving to another awesome highlighter I discovered is by Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill ‘Champagne Pop’ . My friend was kind enough to bring it for me all the way from U.S!! It gives very bright cool golden color , and shines from miles away!!

There’s highlighter that I like to use for everyday ,when I’m in a hurry ! It’s very soft compared to previous mentioned highlighters, and extremely natural . It’s by Wow by Wojooh ‘Coral Crystals’ . I love it , because it doesn’t need any touch ups ,and glows from a first touch!

The last but not least , is also one of my favorites that I recently started using is NARS Stick in ‘Luxor’ and ‘Copacabana’ . I like the fact that it is a stick , and you can use it as a highlighter and also as a lip gloss , how cool is that?

And here’s some of my looks ,using previous stated products!


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