My Contour Techniques!!

Hey guys , so I’m super excited about my Youtube channel that is coming out.
And that is exactly , what I’ve been busy with , apart from that my uni is taking all my free time as I’m graduating this year and yes I’ve mentioned that a lot already.
Moving on , to what I wanna talk about today , is HOW TO and my personal Concealing&Contouring Technique. Please NOTICE this is not an everyday kind of thing that you should do , there’s a lot of products that are being pilled on top of each other and it’s not good for your skin. This is more for a night out , wedding or any place where you will be taking a lot of pictures!!
So , tadaaaa  – this is the way how I contour and highlight my face. Before you do all of these steps , get to know your face shape and according to that contour your face . Then , get to know what you wanna fix or make appear better on your face and then contour. Understand your shades ( cold or warm ) so you don’t end up looking like a snow queen or dirty grey face color.
These are the products that , I use for my contouring and concealing!
Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette. ( This one is for a heavy night out)
Nars Concealer & Maybelline ‘Fit Me’ Concealer ( They are one of the best )

Kat Von D ‘Shade Light’ Powder Contour Palette ( can use it without cream products , I personally use it to soften my cream contouring that I’d do before )
And for the last my favourite Translucent Powder for ‘Baking’ – Max Factor !

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