HOW to LOOK after your hair after : Bleaching, Colouring.

The most common questions I get in the past 2 months : How does your hair looks so healthy? Didn’t you bleach your hair? OMG , your hair is soft , HOW?
Secret is very simple : LOOK AFTER YOUR HAIR!! First of all , the process of me turning into blonde took about a year , first I had ombre then lighter and lighter and VOILA.
Obviously I had to cut my hair shorter to remove all the dead ends because there’s no point of them anyways! After I bleached my hair first time ( yes I already did it two times ) , I started hardcore care on my hair , every time I wash my hair I’d use new mask before or after shampooing , and then putting treatment on my hair after the shower.
One of the best masks and shampoo that really helped was WELLA Pro color .  I used REPAIR ( Shampoo & Conditioner ) . Also , I tried to stick to the shampoo’s with a moustirizing texture and repairing.
The treatment that also really helped my hair was by KIEHL’S ,the leave in treatment for damaged hair , I used it for my ends and roots.
Another trick , especially if you live in Dubai is sun protecting hair serum and also heat protecting serum because I always blow dry my hair .These are my favourite serums EVEEER!!
Extraordinary Oil +UV Protection
There’s so many products you can use to look after your hair , the most important thing is to be consistent in using products every time , masks , serums whatever it is. Don’t expect your hair to be flawless in 1 week , it all takes times , but if you do it all properly , you will definitely see the difference !


  1. Rawan

    Great post! My hair is so damaged after colouring it, but I use Argan Oil Repair Shampoo and Conditioner from Oil Republic. It instanty repairs my hair and I apply their 100% Pure Argan Oil as well after showering. My hair feels so much better after this treatment. But the products are only available on their website
    If you are outside UAE, I think they deliver to Saudi and Qatar but not sure, give it a try.
    I also tried the shampoo from Wella but my hair feels so sticky after using their conditioner.. its best to keep your hair and skin care products as organic as possible I think.

  2. NJ McNeil

    Thank you for your information. I love your posts. I saw a treatment you applied to your hair, Veet? or Reet? It looks great but I can’t find it online. Any suggestions? Please email me at and you are stunningly beautiful!

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