My updated face routine!

Hi darlings,
Recently , I frequently get asked about my face routine so I wanted to show you guys what products I’ve been using for the past month.
Let me start with my recent product that I’ve been loving , I was on the look out for a good eye cream and this one worked out for me the best so far – Olay Eye Lifting Serum . Please remember no matter what age you are , you must use an eye cream especially if your under eye area is very dry and has a lot of lines. I use it every night after rising my makeup.
Moving on to my daily cream , that I use after I wash my face and want to hydrate it and moustirize it. Clarins Daily Energiser Cream – has been my friend since 3-4 years , the first time my mum introduce it to me , I directly fell in love because it suits my skin perfectly (my skin is combined) .
For my moustirizer before make up , I use Olay 7 effects cream as well (honestly it is not an advertisement ) – I just really like some of their products and this one goes to the list as well.
And last but not least is my night cream which is Shiseido White Lucent Night Cream . It is super textured and will suit dry and combined skin perfectly!!
DO keep in mind ,that any cream will give you effect only if you use it everyday and in order! Don’t spend your money if you just gonna use it once and throw it!

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