Tips on Using Shea Butter!

Hey guys ,
I haven’t been posting for a while here or on my Youtube , but just because I’ve been super busy and still have so much work ahead of me – first of all i GRADUATED you guys , finally !! I’m also launching an online store where you will be able to get makeup that is hard to find , which I’m super excited to share with you super soon!
Anyways, getting back to an actual post – shea butter is something I’ve been loving for a while and instead of body lotions this is what I use or Argan oil – because I realized that nothing makes my skin more softer than these products. I get RAW Shea Butter and use it , so I wanted to share with you many ways on how you can use it !
Right after I get out of the shower , I apply my shea butter all over and it works perfectly because the pores are still open so it really sucks in .
If you have some stretch marks , then shea butter can be your friend!
2. Hair
Many people use shea butter on the scalp or even roots of your hair , it smoothes and moustirizes your scalp skin and gives that extra healthy shine to your roots! So go ahead and try it out , keep in mind to use it before you shower!
3. Smoother/Moustirizer 
You can definitely try and use your shea butter for let’s say your lips if they are extra dry , or generally any parts where you get that extra-dryness . The good trick while you are sick with a flu , if your nose gets too dry cause that’s what happens when you sneeze up to 20 times – apply that shea butter right on that dry parts.
4. Bruises/Stretch Marks
As I mentioned on the body part , you SHOULD definitely try using shea butter on stretch marks , but tadaaa you can also use it on any bruise that you just got , it helps you to smooth it out much faster!!
Please NOTE before using shea butter consult with a dermatologist in case you have a complicated skin , or you have allergy to nuts. Personally for me it works great even thou I’m super allergic and my skin is very sensitive , but do check before using it anyways – extra precaution will never hurt!
Happy Shea Buttering!!


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