Casual outfit ideas for every day!

Hey guys ,
I haven’t been posting much of my outfit looks , so today I got together some of my favorite daily looks that I wore thru out the weeks . It’s very tricky to run errands , be comfortable and still look stylish !
So for me , most of the time I go with neutral colors for clothing and pair it up with colorful accessories like a bag and shoes.
Keep it mind that you should definitely learn what shapes of clothing suits you perfectly , what makes you look taller , slimmer and all that little details!
Good pair of your favorite jeans should definitely be a type that is comfortable ( obviously ) and makes doesn’t make you look short!
Hope I threw some ideas in your head for your perfect outfit for your work-week or uni-week! and REMEMBER – don’t plan your outfit!!! Open your closet , decide what you wanna be today ( sassy , elegant , streetstyle , classy style chick) and do your thing!!

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