My Top 5 Favorite restaurants in Dubai!

Hey guys,
I noticed that many people have a hard time choosing which place to go to in  Dubai , i guess because there’s a lot of choice and many new places to try but you have got only 1 Thursday and Friday a week.
Over 9 years living in Dubai , I have tried many many places and please note I’m extremely picky on what I eat , and I’m super allergic to many foods. So the places , I’m going to mention below is totally MY personal favorites .

  1. Home Bakery  

I’m an absolute sweet-junkey. Home Bakery has one of the best sweets I’ve tried in Dubai , especially the cookies. It is a small cozy place located in Galleria Mall in Al Wasl Road , where you can have a cup of coffee with a friend!!
2. Sass Cafe
Sass Cafe is a fun restaurant that is definitely a spot to go on a Thursday night, it has been my favorite since the first time I went there. One of the restaurants , where I like everything in regards to food. I’m not a fan of their customer service , but I do love the vibe of Sass. Sass Cafe is located in DIFC , Tower 2.
3. Music Hall
Live music is my thing! I love performances and all the dancing and jumping around. Music Hall is a classy place located in Zabeel Saray in Palm Jumeirah. The cool part , that all nationalities will find their vibe , because there’s an international singers singing in Spanish , Russian , Arabic and more. One tip thou : it’s definitely a place for a big group , if you are group of two or three – try something else!
4. Nay Restaurant
I love Arabic music! I really do , it gets me in such fun mood. If you want a cool Friday place with belly dancers and arabic dancers,shisha and just good arabic food , then that’s your place! Once again , keep in mind that this restaurant is mostly for big groups. It’s located in DIFC , Emirates Financial Towers.
5. Tom&Serg Cafe
Need a place to study or work? Tom&Serg is your spot. I love modern and cozy cafes , and Tom&Serg is one of that places. The staff is pretty friendly and food is tasty. I usually go there when I wanna have lunch with a friend or a meeting. It’s located on Sheikh Zayed Road on the side of Mall of Emirates after Ace Hardware.

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