My Top Picks from Bottega Verde.

Hey guys ,
So recently I’ve got to try new brand for me which is Bottega Verde – which is an Italian brand that offer skincare , hair care , make up and loads of other things.
Looking for botanical and pure natural ingredients brand? Here you go!
In this post , I want to share with you my top picks from their range of skincare and haircare , so let’s start!!
Gel Corrector S.O.S – Skin care
I barely say that about products , but this is love at first sight! It’s a cream with gel texture that helps you to get rid off acne in a very short time. I apply it mostly at night , after I wash off my makeup – and through out the night it keeps my face moisturised. I’d suggest this product , especially for people that have oily skin type , or extremely oily T-zones .
Argan Del Marocco Oil & Coco Olio Secco Oil- Body&Hair Care
If you follow me on Instagram , you already know that I’m a huge addict of oil for skincare and hair care. So I got try two of these oils and they became my favourites right away. The first one I tried was Coco Olio Secco Oil , which is a pure natural ingredients Coconut oil , which I used for my hair – and I was surpised , how it didn’t eat my hair tone and kept my hair shiny and extremely smooth , and you can also use it for your face.
Moving on to Argan Del Marocco Oil which is an Argan oil that you can also use for your face and body. What I personally do with it , is add few drops to my beauty blender before I blend my foundation or creamy contour – this way I add fresh and glowy look to my face makeup .
Straordinaria Anti-Wrinkle Face Treatment – Face care
So here is one more of my favourites from Bottega Verde , starting from the very beginning the packaging is really attractive , and the way how you use the cream is really cool as well. As soon as you open the package , you will get to see the paper where it shows you the results of 6 weeks use. It’s definitely the right cream to use for people that want to get rid of fine lines , deep wrinkles and if you want to add some radiance to your skin.
Karite D’Africa Shea Butter Soap – Body Care
Last but not least , is an amazing Shea Butter Soap that I’ve been using since the first day I got my hands on it – and I’m extremely impressed by how it doesn’t leave my body patchy and dry , because most of the soaps with such natural ingredients have their cons. I apply it all over my body and face , while I’m in the shower , massaging it deep into my skin and wash it off after 2-3 minutes .
So for now these are my Top picks from Bottega Verde brand , but I’ll be sharing more soon on my Youtube channel ,so wait for it.
Bottega Verde Branch Locations in U.A.E : 
City Centre Deira , Dubai – 0564041838
Golden Mile Galleria , Palm Jumeirah – 0526078551
Bawarat Alsharq Mall , Abu Dhabi – 0526078641
Al Naeem Mall , Ras Al Kheimah – 0526078666
Instagram : @bottegaverdegcc

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