Nails Done,HW isn’t-The Survival of A High Maintenance Girl through school.

My name is Christina, and I’m a beauty addict – and that is how I ended up here at ‘Beauty By Eljammi’ .

Ever since  high school, I’ve been a huge fan of anything beauty-related. I remember coming home from school with tons of homework and running straight to my laptop. However, the first thing on my mind was definitely not completing it, in fact- I’d do the complete opposite. I’d procrastinate and dissolve in the internet world. Watching YouTube videos- was what i’d do best!
I finished my IGCSEs (year 9-10)  with grades that more than satisfied my expectations, however I was never a straight “A” student. Despite that, my beauty obsessed self has managed to get through 11 years of school, and is now a sophomore at university.
Don’t be scared.
This shall be your guide to keeping your eyeliner sharp enough to slay, and homework good enough to pass.
To make you understand better ,how I’ve come to school in full ‘School Glam’, allow me to introduce some tips.
First, and most important- is Time Management.
For example, I used to have appointments to my favorite nail artist every two weeks, reserved for about half a year, in advance (same goes for my hairdresser, every two months). This made it easier for me, as I did not have to worry about how to fit nail care in my daily routine, and would give me more opportunities to complete my “I’ll do it tomorrow” kind of tasks.
Secondly – At Home Self Pampering.
Every now and then, I would apply face masks, throw in a Lush Bath Bomb, play some music, and relax.
Quick tip: A great way to apply face masks, is to use a different masks with  different purposes,to different areas of your face – according to the state of your skin.
For example, you can apply a pore cleansing mask to your T-zone, a moisturising and lifting mask to your cheeks, and gently dab some rejuvenating mask underneath your eyes.
This way, you can take care of three areas- all at once!
And last, but not least- don’t be afraid to ask for help.
It would be very often that I have found myself at home stressing over a math problem that’s just not cooperating with my math-hating brain, and my first solution would be to give up- leaving me stressed over the marks I would miss out on. However, with time, I have learnt to ask my friends for help, or see my teachers one-on-one, which has really benefited me.
Another thing I used to do is gather up with my friends, and create a mini-productive ‘study group’ in places like the drive-through Starbucks on Jumeirah road, which has a great study area on the second floor.
A cappuccino and a quiet study environment have definitely helped me improve my grades.
Remember that you’re doing this for yourself, don’t waste your school/college years COMPLETELY on boys or makeup – you’ll have time to take care of that when you’ve got your dream job – as a result of successful education.
Good luck with those straight A’s, girls!
Don’t forget to let me know about your own experience in the comments below and once a week ,  I’ll be here to help. xxx


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