Simple Guide to ‘Best Selfie Ever’

Over the past years this is all what we obsess about! Selfie game must be strong at all times , like literally ALL THE TIME!
I put together few tricks and tips how to be a winner at these  Selfie Games.
Good camera if you are fancy ! You knew this is coming right? I mean nowadays , you don’t have to be a blogger to invest into a good camera – maybe you just want your Instagram to look pretty . So I’m sharing with you one of the BEST cameras for selfies which is SONY A5100 – this has been my camera for the past 3 years , and if you follow me on instagram ( @eljammi) you will see that quality of it is amazing! +the screen switches up , so you basically have a mirror and it will make it easier on posing and getting your best angle.
Price : 449$ to 599$
Got a pimple but good makeup? FaceTune it darling! I mean we are starting with basics over here , and if you still don’t have a Facetune on your phone , then we have got a problem! This AHmazing app makes your skin flawless , whiten your teeth and details something that got too blurry . All celebrity makeup artists have been obsessing over this for a long long time!
Find your angle to get that flawless look! I mean we all got that good side , right? My picture side – that’s how i call it is left side , so I always tend to take a picture from my left angle even on a group picture or at the events – I try to turn my left side of the face. So run to the mirror , if you don’t know your ‘picture side’ yet!
Your camera has to be on the same level as your face , yes trust me! I see a lot of people tend to take a picture from up , or down – I just sit and guess which one is worse. Taking pictures from up or down , may ruin your real face structure look and make you look not so prettaay. Plus if you wanna show off that makeup look that you have been working on for the past hour – best way is to switch camera right at the level of your face.
Last but not least , always give that side eye look and tint your head a bit. I never usually look straight at the camera , I’d look just an inch or two above the camera , that way I don’t look like I’m taking a passport picture and it gives a bit of a spice to that selfie!
Let me know how your selfie game is! And don’t be shy to snap yourself away !

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