Microblading : Worth a Try?

One fact that you gotta put on a table – all old trends keep coming back . Microblading is one of them .
Let’s discuss if you should try it or not. I personally do not like having anything tattoed on my face , but some people face problems with less hair or bold parts on eyebrows , so that is the first reason why women turn to microblading.
So what is microblading?
It is a manual tool that have tiny needles in a row that deposits into the dermal second layer of the skin. The most important fact is that you have to be extremely careful choosing a clinic or professional to do it , obviously the best way is to turn to a professional Cosmetology Clinic – no jokes when it comes to your face!
I’d personally suggest it for people that do have actual problems with growing their eyebrows and not do it just for the sake of adding that hashtag on your instagram picture #eyebrowsonfleek
It is quiet painful procedure and it takes days to recover , so you will be able to see the actual result only after a week or two.
Many girls do it just because they don’t have time or they don’t know how to structure and ‘paint’ their eyebrows – but I’d rather practice till my hands are tired than having a tattoo on my face!
It lasts for about 18-30 months and after that you will need to boost the colour.
If you decide to go ahead with procedure , make sure you come back after 4 weeks and get a correction to make sure the pigment looks even throughout the eyebrows.
Young woman getting a permanent eyebrow make up treatment
If you have done microblading share your experience with me in the comments and let me know what you think about it generally.


  1. Amy

    I know this is an older post, but I have to say I agree with you that you shouldn’t do it unless necessary although many people may think it’s worth the pain. It was worth it for me because I have alopecia (autoimmune disorder where you lose your hair) and no longer have eyebrows. The initial visit wasn’t bad, but took several hours and the second visit for a touchup was more painful as you’re tattooing scarred tissue which tends to be more painful. I am not one to do something like this to hashtag as you reference, but it personally changed my day today life after losing my eyebrows… One less thing outside of lashes and wearing a wig that I had to worry about. I do say to each their own though and whatever makes you happy.

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