Trend of Face Fillers- Why?How?Do you need it?

In a world of Instagram obsession , there is a kick in of obsession of being perfect.
PERFECT? Hmm , this is where I start to panic – why do we try to be perfect? No one is! Face tune and endless editing programs what makes us perfect , but more to it now is the fillers trend that aim and promise to make us perfect.
My experience : I have been doing 1 filler for years , which is lips filler even way before my Instagram rollercoaster ?Β , it is truly because my lips used to be so extremely small that it made my nose look bigger. So back in 2013 , I did my first lip filler and since then its been it.
Now around 1 month ago ( after officially hitting 25 years old ) I have done botox , and let me tell you I do not regret it but I do highly suggest it after 25-30 years of age, depending on how deep your wrinkles actually are. I did mine in forehead , and the result was great ( yes , I can still move my forehead and I do not look like a surprised fox ) Another procedure I have tried is jaw filler and I’ve talked about it in details on my snap but let me show you here my Before& After results:
This is raw , unedited picture that was taken few months ago , now notice how my jawline isn’t perfectly sharp and straight – so we have fixed that!
Here you can see that my jawline became sharper and straight .
I generally can’t say that doing fillers is something bad or something you should get judged for! It is an amazing thing , when you want and have the ability to enhance yourself . However , what is weird is when you wanna do it – just because ….
Have a proper reason on why would you wanna touch your face with needless .
MOST IMPORTANT : Who you do it with! This is where the most crucial part is . Let me tell you a story , once I have went to a clinic and they completely messed up my lips because the male doctor was talking too much about my eye color rather than focusing on my lips – and the outcome of that was – me fixing my upper lip for a YEAR!!!!!!
So get some proper references , go for a consultation over and over again till you are sure in your doctor and completely sure on what you want to do!
Do not do any fillers in some beauty saloons or dodgy places ( If you will say – but that’s cheaper , do not forget that IT IS YOUR FACE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT) . You have to be sure that whoever is doing your procedures is a certified doctor !
my little secret – who does mine? Of course , I’ll tell you who is it – because for 11 years in Dubai , thats just one doctor that I can be sure of. ( Doctor Madina – 052-959-96-38)-located in Dubai.
So be safe, make sure why and where you gonna do your Botox or derma filler!!
Let me know your thoughts about fillers subject in the comments.

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