My Top Picks of the Week! | Glamjam Edition

I haven’t done posts like this in such a long time , that it is time to bring It back!!
Let me tell you with the 100% honesty , when I launched my makeup store – I always had one rule ( or just an excuse to have more makeup in my drawer) is that every product I launch on the store , I have to try it , test it , smell it and all that jazz. I never wanted to be one of these super commercial stores , that would push just anything to the consumer!
So here’s a round of some of my favorite products from Glamjam store at the moment!

  1. Farsali Jelly Beam Illuminator

Here’s one of my complete absolute favourites- this illuminator\highlighter works so well on any skin types , and can be applied before foundation to have that sun kissed glow or apply even on top of powder base and it won’t smudge your whole makeup!


2. Mario Badescu Anti-Acne Serum
0e7bc20d9322b3068711a0a6e5628c65This was one of my gold finds when I used to break out really bad , Mario Badescu generally has an amazing line of skincare products like their facial sprays or drying lotion. But this was just one of the tools to fight with my acne and blemishes. The best thing it shows the result in one week or less if you use it everyday!!

Mario Badescu Anti Acne Serum

3. ColourPop Liquid Matte Lipstick ‘Beeper’
Affordable , super matte and perfect nude color – Do I need to explain more why is it on my favorite list? On a serious note , this is one shade of the lipstick that I have been using literally for YEARS! and funny fact , ColourPop was one of the first brands that I brought into the store – I just love everything they create !

ColourPop ‘Beeper’ UltraMatte Lip Liquid Lipstick

4. ‘Boo’ Square Black Sunglasses

Anyone who knows me well , know that when it comes to sunglasses – I’m Elton John. I literally collect sunglasses and no Im not talking about luxury , expensive – Im talking vintage , special , limited and hard to find. So when I put on these for the first time , I knew its special ! Every person literally stops me and asks me about these sunnies . So def one if you wanna stand out!

Square Black Sunglasses

And for the last , I wanted to let you know that Glamjam Finally launched international shipping – YEHUUUU. And we work super hard , to handpick every single item that we put in the store. So hope you guys like it.

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