A Day of my Crazy Life!

Hola people.
Since so many people always wonder how do I manage doing whatever I’m doing , I have decided to put in one post my day or at least how it usually goes. Of course with my profession , everyday is like a different rollercoaster , especially if I have events or a shoot for some brand – so my day is nothing like yesterday . But here’s a round of how my ‘most normal day’ would go.
8:30-9:00 a.m
Keep snoozing my 4 alarms until I finally decide in my head that it is time to hustle – I wake up stretch first thing , take 2-3 deep breaths and stand up from the bed.
9:30 a.m
I’m drinking first thing in the morning glass of water with honey and then of course my coffee , which I cant live without . I do not touch my phone or check my email at least for 30 minutes after I wake up as I like to start my morning very peacefully and think very positively and just manifest things to myself , and go over my goal list for the week and the year.
Drink bottle of water on the way to work!
10:00 a.m – 10:30 a.m 
I’m entering my Glamjam offices , sit down in my office and think of everything I need to do for today , usually I like to write a lot of notes – just because I like to rewind and go back to everything I must finish this week or today.

1:00 p.m
Many times I’d have a general meeting with my team about our plans or upcoming projects that we have coming up , I like to be very involved with my team and make sure that we all brainstorm and create together . Today for example , we have had our big meeting for our summer plans ( which are AH-mazing, but thats another story).
2:00 p.m 
It is ME time , I mostly try to meditate or read a book even if I’m crazy busy. Most of the times , I’d put special radiation of positivity music , close my eyes and think of “DAY IN MY PERFECT LIFE” and visualize every single detail. If I don’t have that much time on my hand , and I’m probably driving somewhere – I’d listen to Tony Robbins in my car.

3:00 p.m-3:30 p.m 
Usually I’d have about 2-3 meetings outside the office , so I’d drive around and meet people, but mostly I like to schedule my meetings in the morning just so I don’t go the office and from the office back and forth. But if that’s not the case , then I like to browse through web , and gathering up ideas for my beauty academy , store or even my Instagram – I like to do a lot of research before I do anything.
Drink bottle of water!
4:00 p.m-5:00 p.m
Depending on my mood and inspiration , I’d either sit down and film a tutorial , edit it and post , or I would write a blog . No matter how busy do I get , I always try to film which sometimes I end up doing on my phone , but thats okay! Right?
By this time , I have had around 3-4 cups of coffee and gallons of water!
6:30 p.m 
I’d get home by that time , sometimes I tend to come home earlier but that barely works out if I have a special event that I have to get ready for. Today isn’t the case , cuz while I’ writing this post – I’d then go and film a tutorial for my Instagram . After , run back home and get ready for an event that I have later on.
Drink bottle of water on the way home!
7:00 p.m 
This is 90% of times , the time when I notice that I haven’t eaten anything ( while I’m writing my post it is 4 p.m and with one hand I’m typing this and the other finally having my first meal of the day) . So I’d try to eat something light and home made and have my coffee again ( I’m such an addict)
8:00 p.m – 9:00 p.m 
Half of the times , at these timings I’d attend an important event where I either have to network or support a brand or a fellow influencer. I do enjoy events , but with such busy schedule I have limited completely the amount of events I go to now. But if it is Tuesday , then I’m probably out with my girls as we religiously go out every Tuesday cuz all of us have crazy schedules so we try to at least enjoy a little.

10:00 p.m – 11:00 p.m 
If I stayed in , I’m probably doing either research again or watching Discovery ID or reading a book , which is one of my fav things to do! Recently , I have stopped watching TV much , because most of the new movies are super dumb and its all a useless information that I wouldn’t want my head to get filled in with.
12:30 a.m – 1:30 a.m
As much as I try to sleep early , it just doesn’t work .I’m an owl , hands down. Lately , I have been pushing myself to bed at max 2 a.m , so I’d shower and try to fall asleep!!!

So that was a break down of my calmest day , and as much as I’d feel overwhelmed , the amount of love and passion that I have towards my career , I never get to work – I just enjoy the ride. Do you?

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