KKW Beauty Concealers | Honest Review

I just had to,

After watching few youtube videos and the campaign shots- I said to myself it is time to try out KKW Beauty . Funny thing , first time I ordered KKW Beauty Sticks – the order never reached me ( well , at least I got my refund) .

So , here I am on the minimalistic website of KKW – ordering my shades – first thing in my head – at least they could have swatched it properly on each skin color , for normal makeup users to understand better which shade they supposed to pick for themselves – BUT , ANYWAAAAAY.



Checking out – 5 Light Medium With Warm Undertone Concealer and 10 Tan with Cool Undertones . And highlighter palette( I still haven’t tried it ).

Surprisingly , this time the order reached me safely. Everything packed up well in still that Yeezy vibes packaging .

First thing , I do is look at the size of the concealers – and a light smile comes on my face. 18$ which is 66.11 aed for SUCH A SMALL BOTTLE??? The upper side of the concealer is almost bigger than the actual part where the product is in. After , I got over that sad part – obviously I swatched the product on my hand , and it looked good to be honest – the texture was very smooth and full coverage.

I have used the concealers for almost 5-6 times , and the texture still satisfies me to A+ , it is extremely blend able , but it didnt work for me too well with a loose translucent powder ( even though I tried to use 3 different ones )- it starts cracking and creasing , but I found out another solution to it , which is a pressed banana powder – which seems to lock in the concealer way better .


Over all , I like the coverage – would work pretty well for those who have dark circles , however be careful with choosing the shades for yourself – because in real shades look different than on a website .



+ and – , I’m still in between!!

If you guys gave it a try , please let me know in the comments how was your experience!


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