Post Roaccutane : What happens after..

One of the most requested posts of all times , I guess – so gathering it all up here it is!
I wanted to wait for almost a year after I stopped taking Roaccutane , to be able to say how did all work out for me.


As many of my readers and followers know , I was taking Roaccutane for almost a year ( 8 months) ,as I had a severe acne since my teenage years and being a Beauty Blogger – the first thing I had to take care of is my skin , so I’d be able to film my tutorials more confidently and try out different products for reviews.



While I was intaking the medicine , the only effects I had is extremely dry skin and dry lips – thankfully I didn’t fall into depression but mood swings were there at times(thankfully my work had always kept me super busy and focused on other things instead).As for my dry moments , I made sure that I always hydrated my skin on level 100 and did constant hydra facials .

Once 8 months had passed , I stopped taking the medicine and here where the waiting game began. Now it has been almost a year , and I have just started having small pimples popping there and here at times – my skin went back to combined skin type and my face routine is still hardcore ( including toner , moisturizer , micellar water , constant face masks and facials time to time) . My severe acne is gone , thankfully and my pores had become smaller and barely any acne scars ( but I need to thank my face routine and not only the medicine) . Don’t get me wrong , the medicine works greatly but a lot depends on how you take care of your face especially once you stop intake of it – because this medicine doesn’t prevent you from breaking out again – it only cleans the acne that you already have.

Here are some of the products from my skincare routine , that I have been using for a while after taking Roaccutane:





This post isn’t here to suggest this medicine to anyone , as it is a serious drug and you should definitely consult a proper doctor and decide then , however I know how many people always wonder what happens after you take this medicine , and I personally get asked almost everyday on my social media , so I wanted to put for you in one post my personal experience and suggestions through my experience.

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