Combined/Oily Skin: What Do I Do?

And we are back in here with yet another sensitive subject – oily skin! During my career in the beauty industry – I have noticed that the most frequent questions I get asked during my makeup classes or on my Instagram is to suggest tips and makeup products for oily skin.

First thing , let me tell you – breath , because scientifically it is proven that people with oily and combined skin types tend to have wrinkles way later than people who have normal or dry skin – because the oils that the face produces keeps your face moisturised .

But few things , you need to know is :


  1. Switch to Gel based creams

Gel base reacts on oily skin much better than heavy creams , the more H2o you have in your system – the better it is!! Full creamy based products , can make your face even oilier and give you a feeling of grease.


2.  Exfoliation  is your Friend!

Exfoliate once a week! As an oily skin owner , dust and grease catches on your face easily  – so exfoliating is important! Make sure , that your exfoliator scrub isn’t super harsh and is for sensitive skin!


3. Work out!!!!!

Keep in mind one thought – whatever happens inside your body , will show on your face ! So think about what you eat , and how healthy are you. Exercising daily or working out increases the blood flow and helps nourish skin cells. It also opens clogged pores which in turn helps in removing toxins. Drinking 5-6 glasses of water daily also helps in flushing toxins out of the body.



4. Ease up on Sugar!

I know! Sounds scary!
But , ‘Added sugars like honey, cane sugar, maltose and corn syrup may trigger hormone and blood sugar levels,’ says nutritionist Will Hawkins ‘and this can lead to excess oil production which explains that overly greasy look.’

5. Right Cleansing Routine

It’s a habit that you must master at all times – stick to oil free products. You need a toner , cleansing water and moisturizer is a must. The better you cleanse your face , less you should be afraid of clogged pores and grease on your face .

Try brands like Eucerin , La Roche Posay , Neutrogena , Erborian ( my personal favorites) to create your strong cleansing routine !


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