Trend or Time safer? All you need to know about Lash Extensions!

I’ve been doing lash extensions for a very long time – first time I tried it was back in 2013. So on and off , me and lash extensions have our moments!

For me personally lash extensions is a life saver – for my travels , for my makeup career and considering that my own lashes aren’t that dramatic and applying false lashes everyday can get tiring , and so many women just wouldn’t wanna waste time on applying falsies.

What you need to know :

Lash extensions can last up , up to 3 weeks – honestly everything depends on your master , the glue and MOST important is how well you take care of them.
Do not use mascara once you have lash extensions as firstly its not needed and secondly you will just make the lashes fall off faster .

Another thing , is rubbing your eyes is another big NO,NO – and that’s a good thing , because generally rubbing eyes is A NONO , so maybe lash extensions will stop you from doing it!

If you trying to remove makeup around your eyes , you can still use water but way gently and careful to not apply too much face wash or remover on your lashes.

There’s many different styles of lash extensions you can do such as Classic 2D Lashes or 3D , Russian style – all depends what you wanna have – DRAMA , DRAMA or Drama Naturale?
I obviously do my lashes with my Glamjam Team for the past year , and never been happier – once you have a master for sometime , she already knows perfectly your eyes and what suits you best !

Beauty concept. Eyelash extension process

Brush your lashes and cleanse them – its important and do it daily!

If you go for your lash extensions appointment or they come to you , prepare to lay down for a good 2 hours – remove contact lenses ( if you wear any ) and switch on a good audio book , the service doesn’t hurt and if your technician has a light soft hand – you might have a good nap too.

REMEMBER – most important when you have your lash extensions is to never ever pick them , think about your own lashes as you will remove them too!!!


My overall is a big YES YES to Lash Extensions , it saves a lot of time in daily routine and it adds a beautiful feature to your face ( if done properly ) . Just make sure to check technicians work and reviews and ask for recommendations , because everything depends on your technician!

For Glamjam lash extensions work – check them out on Instagram – @glamjamxpress

Here I have my Classic 2D Lash Extensions which I always go for , because I like to have a more natural settle look to my lashes and it helps to open up my eye even more.


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