FACE OILS : Why we scared?

First question that pops to my head – People are too scared of using facial oils , afraid looking oily and greasy!
However face oils with the right ingredients can be an amazing remedy for blemishes and softening the skin , and don’t be afraid to use face oils even if you have combined/oily skin like me – it’s all about using it in the right order , right way and right amount. I personally take very little , heat it up between my hands and then just tap it softly on my face.

Here are my top fav oils, that I have tried so far and that worked greatly for me!

Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Oil :

This oil isn’t here to play games! It does have a thick texture , so I keep this oil only after I do waxing anywhere in my body or face – it smoothes and calms the skin AMAZINGLY.



GlamGlow StarPotion Oil

Whenever I see – charcoal , clarifying , purifying – I just get magnetised to the product. I love to use this oil after a face mask , it just gives the skin an amazing GLOW and with the ingredients , it does help to clarify your skin and fight the blemishes – so if you have tired or dry skin , I suggest you give this a try!



Laura Mercier Flawless Skin

This is a nice light oil , if you start your journey with face oil with a fear feeling – give this a try.  It’s nourishing and infused with rose ingredient . You can apply this before you do your makeup ( keep a timeline of 20-30 min)




Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate 

It’s a classic! However , keep in mind a product that is ‘concentrate’ is usually more heavy and rich in ingredients , so keep this for rare cases if you have a super tired skin , super dry or you fighting uneven skin tone and blemishes. Concentrate should be applied before your last step in skincare ( which I hope is moisturizer ) and a little amount , don’t get too generous with it!



Let me know , if you tried any face oils and what you think of face oils in general!!

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